Aciliu Viaduct

Aciliu, Romania

Built along the 82 km long motorway A1 between Orastie and Sibiu, in Romania, the Aciliu Viaduct is one of the several infrastructures planned to upgrade the IV Pan-European corridor running through Eastern Europe. It is also known as the longest and the highest viaduct in Romania, with a height of 80 meters and a length of 1.100 meters.

The Aciliu viaduct is made with inclined double-T beams in Corten steel, with welded longitudinal and transversal joints and bolted reticular internal bracings. The viaduct has a length of 1.100 meters, divided in fourteen spans 78 meters long, with a width of the deck of 24 meters. The structure dominates the Aciliu valley at a height of 80 meters from the ground and rests on concrete piles planted at a depth of 40 meters into the ground to offset the instability of the sandy soil of the valley.

The viaduct was assembled in macro-segments in the assembly field on the ground with 80 tons gantry cranes and then incremental launched with the aid of a launching nose, proceeding simultaneously on each direction.

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